Look, I get it. Not everyone has the time and energy to dig into ancient texts and try to make meaning out of them for today. But I've got you covered.

I want curate an experience for you where I bring together the best thinkers, books, and ideas on all things pertaining to the Apostle Paul. Let me help you nerd out a bit. How else would you want to spend your commute?

Help me help others rethink everything they've thought about Paul. I hope "the Apostle Paul" and "Mind Blown" will become two joint phrases in your regular conversations.

After a successful launch of The Paulcast, I realized that it was both financially unsustainable (for a quality show) and that I struggled to justify the time it took to prep episodes in light of having "bills to pay." Yet, tons of folks have been asking "When are you going to bring back the Paulcast?" Well, if it is going to be with any consistency, I need some help. I need a community of Paul-nerds who can fund my dream to make this podcast a humanizing and thoughtful resource for anyone wanting to understand Christian faith in Paul's day, and in our own.


Thanks for generously contributing to my craft! Even $5 per month helps make this podcast a reality.