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Podcast: Paul and Women #1 - Intro & Junia


This series explores Paul's vision for how women fit into the announcement that Jesus is Lord. It argues that Paul was an egalitarian, believing that women should be included (without distinction) in leadership roles within the church and home. Paul did not believe that women were "the same" as men, but that they equally offer gifts to the community as leaders, teachers, pastors, bishops, etc. This series will demonstrate why Paul was pro-women.

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This episode is sponsored by Fresno Pacific Biblical Seminary. They are excited to announce the launch of the new Master of Arts in Ministry, Leadership and Culture. This online program, designed for practicing pastors and ministry entrepreneurs, will help you understand and integrate sub-cultures, theology, and leadership into practice. Guest faculty like Bruxy CaveyGreg Boyd and Brian Zahnd model practical integration of Anabaptist theology and 21st century kingdom work. Learn more at fpu.edu/paulcast

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