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End Times in Paul and Others #11 - Revelation in 1 Hour - Nonviolence, John's World, & Major Themes


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This is the final episode in this series. In one hour (a long episode!) you will get an immersion into the book of Revelation, including how to deal with the question of violence!

The end of the world. The end of the ages. The rapture. The Great 7 Year Tribulation. The Anti-Christ. The second coming. All of these themes come out of various versions of Christian theology. Some of them were embraced by Paul. Many of them would seem absurd to him. 

In The End Times in Paul and Others, Kurt Willems examines Paul's "end times" theology, seeking to understand his own expectations of the Second Coming through a historical lens. Then, Kurt compares various other New Testament authors' perspectives on the end as well. Do they line up? Does Paul envision a future tribulation and a rapture? What about Jesus? Revelation? And others?

If you are tired of end times madness but want to know what the historical Paul believed and taught, this series is for you. But it doesn't stop there, in an uncharacteristic move for The Paulcast, we will devote full episodes to other relevant texts from outside of the Pauline epistles!

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